Who are Snugology?

At Snugology, we aim to make life that little bit more comfortable for all by providing a hand selected, extensively tested and reviewed range of “snugly” beds, bedding and homeware.

With more than 24 years of product development going into our new range of beds and Mattresses, we offer a hand selected, limited range of bespoke products made by qualified and dedicated staff, who use both traditional and modern techniques.

We want to make buying a new bed, mattress and/or bedding easy, we don’t want 100s of 3rd party products, so we only sell products which pass our quality assurance testing, so you can be reassured, that if we sell it, it’s because we love it, our Snugologists love it and we are sure that you, our customers will also love it.

So come and join our adventure and become part of the SNUGLIFE

What do we mean by snugly?

“Snugly” is our term for those items that can help people with their physical and mental well-being, no matter how trivial or off-the-wall they may seem

Natural & Sustainable

We have a commitment to our product quality and part of this includes the use of both natural and sustainable resources, so we always try to use fillings consisting of the most natural content available, such as latex, wool and horse hair to name a few.

Why Snugology?

Does working long, unsociable hours, having no real sleep pattern, a crazy diet and feeling mentally & physically drained sound familiar? It did to our founder and Director, Darren.

Just over five years ago, he began to want to change his lifestyle. He scoured the stores and the internet looking for anything that would help him feel better both physically and mentally. TENS machines, posture pillows, weighted blankets, anti-stress devices, homeopathic remedies – even meditation tapes and apps. Nothing was too wacky or strange for him to try.

As he continued on this journey, sorting the wheat from the chaff and finding the things that actually did make a difference, he met manufactures and suppliers who shared his vision and ethos and before the original company was even launched, it had evolved into something which could offer a real difference to peoples lives.

Today, Darren has changed his lifestyle successfully and is here today, with his new-found confidence, ready to share the items, that helped him in the hope that they will help you too!

The road is still long and there are many things we are continually looking to source and we only want to offer products that come with extensive personal recommendation – either direct from Darren, family, friends or his team of “Snugolists”.
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Hand selected and extensively tested products.

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