Pillow Guide

At Snugology, we use 2 types of pillows – Natural or Synthetic.


Our natural pillow selection includes:

100% Duck Feather / 85% Duck feather and 15% Duck down / 85% Goose feather and 15% Goose down.
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Our synthetic pillows collection includes:

Memory Foam / Microfibre / Holofibre / Anti-Allergy pillows
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How do you choose the right pillow?

There is no real scientific answer, often it comes down to trial and error.

But we have a few tips….

  1. Copy your mattress, it sounds really simple, but say your mattress is memory foam and you love it, then the chances are that a memory foam pillow will do exactly the same for your head as your mattress does for your posture.

  2. Consider your sleeping position:

    • Side sleepers

      Our suggestion is to choose a firm or medium firm pillow. These will provide your with height, along with supporting your head and neck for better spinal alignment – memory foam may be a good option.

    • Front sleepers

      For those who sleep on their stomach, We recommend a soft pillow, with natural fillings such as feather and down, these fillings are softer and will help to prevent your spine from arching.

    • Back sleepers

      We believe in going straight down the middle here and getting a medium support pillow, so consider microfibre or shredded memory foam. These pillows can be deeper on the sides, maybe even consider a box pillow.

    • Pregnancy pillows

      Specially designed in a C or U shape, these body pillows mould around your bump, offering support to your head. You can also place them between your legs, helping to provide whole body support.

How often should you replace pillows?

  • On average, pillows should be replaced every 2 years, this can be due to the amount of wear caused by persistent movement from your head, while you sleep, causing your pillow’s fillings to start going flat.
  • Also if your pillows start to get discoloured and you find yourself getting wheezy, or even developing sinus issues, such as a blocked nose, then the chances are that your pillows have dust mites and/or sweat building up, this might be a sign that it is time for a renewal.

Whichever pillow you choose, you can be rest assured that when bought in a bundle, we will replace the old pillows for new pillows, 2 years after your original purchase. All you have to do is register for our news letter.

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